Count from Photos.Make your counting

Automate your counting for inventory, shipping and receiving with apps that:

Identify and count items in your photos.

Generate custom reports and integrate with other systems.

Run on Windows computers, laptops, and tablets, as well as mobile devices: iPhone, iPad and Android.

The Counting Apps in Action

  • 1Take a picture
  • 2Press Count

    The counting apps will:
    • Identify relevant items in the photo based on the selected Counting Template
    • Place tags with numbers on the items counted in your photo
  • 3Review the count and make corrections, if needed
  • 4Press Save
    • The counting apps will save the annotated image and generate reports

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  • 1Fill in the form below to:
    • Tell us what you want to count
    • Send us a few sample photos from which you would like to count so we can identify the Counting Template that will work for your counting needs.
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